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how to be happy & free – 10 tips


Isn’t that what we all want? Happiness and freedom?

There are so many people who aren’t satisfied with their current life situation but they just don’t seem to do anything about it! Maybe they just don’t know what to do…

Everyone wants genuine happiness. Don’t get me wrong, we all have those days where we just lay in bed and cry and that’s so okay. But the goal is to be happy.

You should experience happiness as often as possible and feel free like a bird wherever you are, and I’m gonna give you my best tips to realize that.

16776871_647340435439124_799619136_o1. looking forward 

Try to always have at least one thing that you are looking forward to for the next day. For example, it’s Sunday evening, and the next morning you have to go to school but you don’t feel like going because you don’t like it there. Instead of focussing on the “bad” thing, think of a good thing that will happen the next day! It doesn’t have to be big. It can be that you will be singing with your friend or that you picked a super pretty outfit to wear. Focus on the good things.

16732092_647340428772458_539373409_o2. set priorities

Try to make a list of the things you think need to be done. When you wrote them down, read them again and try to cross as many as possible. Now you only got the things that you have to do. Stop making excuses. Procrastination can suck away all of your energy (I know what I’m talking about). When you’ve finished those important things, you can do what you want and you’ll have much more free time!

16776168_647341008772400_1817943902_o3. be aware

Look around. Listen to the birds singing carelessly. Feel the sun gently kissing your face with its beams of light and warmth and breathe in the fresh air. Look at your little sister while she laughs and feel the genuine, innocent joy that she’s experiencing. Be aware of how beautiful your life is. Look after the little treasures. They will make you feel utterly grateful.

16735181_647338835439284_590958810_o4. gratefulness

Make a list everyday of 30 things you’re grateful for and try to write down as much different things as possible (not the same things everyday). While reading this you probably/maybe think “impossible“, but I promise, it’s not. It’s actually so easy. Just think about it… You have billions of things to be grateful for. 30 is really not that much, especially once you get into that writing flow. You are so blessed. “My brother was so kind to me today.” “The sun shone into the eyes of my friend and it was the prettiest thing ever.” The simplest points are often the most beautiful ones. Also, decide every morning that you are in a good mood. This can completely change your mood throughout the whole day.

16776792_647344502105384_1175437570_o5. feel the adventure, be curious

Your life is only boring if you let it! Like honestly look around (see pt. 3) and realize how cOoL the world is! Go outside more often! Put your phone away (and yes, your computer too) and go to the library and find some nice books to read snuggled in blankets. Swim in that lake! Climb in that tree! Don’t be afraid to fall, or you might miss a chance of flying. Pet that cute doggie. Take more photographs. Be childish. Jump around when you’re happy and if you see a little path that looks nice to explore, then just go exploring!! If you feel sad, cry all your tears out and if you’re angry just scream from the top of your lungs. People hold back and they don’t know they’re missing out on life. You are alive, but are you living?

16776423_647342875438880_267049203_o6. do what makes you happy

I know there are some things you really can’t escape of (like school, because of the law), but no-one can captivate your wild soul. And you can choose how to react to those situations. And wherever you can, try to only do the things that make you genuinely happy and fulfilled. Don’t do things that drain your energy! Honestly, just s t o p doing them. Life is way too short to be wasted on stuff that you aren’t passionate about.

16735122_647338702105964_1579384204_o7. surround yourself with good people

Let the toxic people go. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. You are strong and wonderful and independent and if someone in your life is not making you feel happy and loved or doesn’t help you evolve, just let them go. It’s okay.

16776152_647340185439149_151131711_o8. here & now

We all do it. We think that happiness or freedom is in the next place or moment. We hope that we’ll finally be content with ourselves when we gain a thousand followers or if we get that new pair of shoes, finish school or book the next expensive flight. But truth is, if you are not satisfied with yourself right here, right now, you won’t be satisfied with yourself at the beach in the Bahamas with a sexy boy lying next to you. Just saying. The past or future do not exist. It’s always here. It’s always now.

16731742_647343148772186_1426401018_o9. all is temporary

The universe is in constant motion. Stars are continually exploding all the time somewhere in outer space and new molecules are being formed right now while old molecules are being devastated. Things change. People change. Your mind changes. Your relationships change. Everything is temporary, which may sound overwhelming and even terrifying at first, but then it’s just very, very freeing. Literally, nothing matters. ♥

16735775_647344672105367_633877016_o10. you are already free & happy

The artist Michelangelo who made sculptures once said: “The sculpture is already in the rock. It’s only my task to make it appear.” That’s also how it goes for happiness and freedom.  It’s already in you, vibrant and bubbly and ready to come out and start to take over your life. You are free, and only your mind can convince you you’re not. You are free. You are worthy of happiness.

Life is so awesome.

love, Charlie

16776086_647343128772188_1640730015_o♥ bonus tip! Love yourself. You are so beautiful, both on the in- and outside. When you start practicing self-love on a daily basis, your life will get a thousand times lighter. I wrote a blogpost a while ago with tips for selflove, so you can check that out if you want.

ps here are some more happy & free pictures to hopefully inspire you ♥16763820_647344038772097_894059108_o16776030_647344042105430_1160699183_o16731388_647341012105733_1023179842_o16763768_647341002105734_134369867_o16763788_647339385439229_1123608980_o16776902_647339382105896_1387245387_o16735404_647339802105854_2031336829_o16735319_647339935439174_1858725145_o16777091_647340402105794_690697219_o16734841_647340802105754_1279954323_o16763850_647339392105895_1303346036_o16763499_647338832105951_1176140052_o16593506_647338555439312_1562668340_o16776831_647338335439334_1811883264_o16776853_647338522105982_2015226301_o16777084_647338532105981_1038883060_o16763570_647363795436788_1789773497_o16735352_647344498772051_864316978_o16735304_647339948772506_425938241_o

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