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zero waste toothbrush + Hannie ♡ !!

Yesterday was SUCH a wonderful day to remember. 

Our sweet friend Hannelore came to our house! We made epic food (chocolate cake & nicecream & choc sauce etc), walked in the rain, did photoshoots with each other and Mia, Helena and the rest (the neighbour chickens) and much more. It was just an awesome day so here are some pics!!

So both Hannelore and I are in this facebookgroup called “vegan teens of belgium” and they sometimes organize meetups. In December we both went to a potluck, where we got to know each other. We stayed in touch since and yesterday she came to visit us at our home. It was so nice ♥

Hannie also gave me a bamboo zerowaste toothbrush!! First of all, how cute is that?! And second: it’s awesome. As I only got it yesterday, I didn’t use it much yet but from my first impression it is amazing. As I have had an electric toothbrush for years, I needed to get used to a manual one but that’s no problem. I already love it!

I think I don’t need more words. Yesterday was fantastic.

Love you Hannie!! xoxo Charliiieee  ps: My favourite part was I guess when we were playing a HILARIOUS game together with my sisters and we laughed so so loud and afterwards we danced to loud music in my room. I felt the music in my veins and the smile constantly on my face. I felt so alive.

8 thoughts on “zero waste toothbrush + Hannie ♡ !!

  1. This is so lovely! Your day sounds amazing and so are the pictures! 😊
    Also, as I’ve been looking for a bamboo toothbrush for a while now, could you tell me what brand yours is from? 🙈

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    1. thank you Vivi!
      the day was indeed awesome 🙌🏼💕
      I got mine as a present and Hannelore got it in a zerowaste shop in Ghent (Belgium) called “Ohne”. But the website is or or 😘


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