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17407564_662828577223643_136615612_o17380054_662828547223646_1927943679_o17379964_662829007223600_1067016624_oSpring is slowly starting to look around the corner. And I love it. Feeling the sun gently stroking your face and the daisies proudly popping out of the fresh green grass everywhere. Lilac purple flowers and longer days. New life everywhere. Baby animals. Spring is definitely my favourite season. (It’s currently raining, I still live in Belgium, but that’s something else that I love about spring, the rainy days in which you can just cuddle up and read books and eat fuzzy oatmeal.)

17453378_662828533890314_2030497686_o17453508_662828983890269_637649634_o17431461_662829273890240_1601158219_o16507691_662836757222825_1056795793_nSo my March has been pretty epic so far. I made an awesome new friend, got closer with two other ones (see last post for one of them), had a marvelous sleepover with the new friend, layed in the grass reading amazing books, sang songs and ordered a secondhand ukulele (can’t wait till it arrives omg). I made a flower crown, made more art, listened to lots of new music (listen to this album!!!) read more books, ate epic vegan food, learned some stunning english words (“onomatopoeia“. “ebullience“. “mellifluous“.). (Let’s try to be positive and focus on all those beautiful things instead of school.)17360578_662836533889514_905643161_n17361346_662836903889477_1806157895_n17379723_662828573890310_502267251_o17372924_662828537223647_1093509795_o

Today I wrote a little text about beauty standards and loving yourself, so I thought why not share it on here. Spring always feels a little like a new, fresh start so maybe it s now the right moment for you to start being your complete self and embrace your beautiful you.

beauty standards.

such nonsense.

who EVER decided that acne is not gorgeous? which stupid said mermaid thighs are hideous?

beauty is so subjective. some people have a preference for red hair while others adore freckles.

everyone is different.

and i came to realize that that’s okay. it means everyone is unique, and absolutely gorgeous in her/his/their own way. all of you are fully perfect. i promise.

your belly is perfect, embrace your stunning bunny teeth and worship your red spots. they’re all part of you; they’re partially what makes you the beautiful you that you are.

17408460_662829240556910_320676379_o17410205_662836887222812_1975207591_n17430718_662829110556923_180306865_o17431839_662828553890312_2013544391_o (1)17431492_662828550556979_1978123402_o17431567_662829033890264_46812375_o17431681_662829017223599_1558108693_o

  • noun
  1. the formation of a word, as cuckoo, meow, honk,or boom, by imitation of a sound made by orassociated with its referent.
  2. a word so formed.
  3. the use of imitative and naturally suggestivewords for rhetorical, dramatic, or poetic effect.
(basically “a word that sounds like its meaning”, for example “to meow”)


isn’t she insanely beautiful ❤


[ih-buhl-yuh ns]
  • noun
  1. high spirits; exhilaration; exuberance.
  2. a boiling over; overflow.
(basically “bubbling enthusiasm”)


[muhlif-loo-uh s]
  • adjective
  1. sweetly or smoothly flowing; sweet-sounding:
  2. flowing with sweetness; sweetened with or as if with maple syrup.
(basically “sweet sounding”)

I wish you all a mellifluous spring filled with ebullience. Remember you are loved.

Love, Charlie ♥

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