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when your ukulele matches your personality

17548852_664997620340072_1783812478_o17500512_664997597006741_1547042058_oI bought a secondhand ukulele!!!

17521852_664997617006739_589480195_o17522370_664997610340073_926797304_o17500402_664997603673407_817601598_oIt is light blue and it says moon child. I told my friend Fara that I was going to order it and she told me she plays it too, so I’m super excited to play together whenever I get a bit better at it (it arrived yesterday and so far I can play the C-note and F-major :)). My friend also told me it couldn’t match my personality more (I’ll take that as a compliment haha).

17475250_664997613673406_791994468_o17474112_664997600340074_1903614704_o17500272_664997593673408_441915169_oSo today we went to the university where my brother is probably going to study next year. My other brother, one of my sisters and me were sitting on a couch, and I was wearing my “Happy Vegan” t-shirt and the whole outfit you can see on the pictures. My brother said “You’re such a hippie” and I took my liter pack of oat mylk out of my bag and started sippin’ on it with a reusable bpa-free straw and my brother started laughing and said “That makes it even worse”. (Also I just bought a ukulele, I always walk barefeet and I’m just such a hippie hahaha) thanks bro ❤ :p

17547207_664997587006742_2007704843_o17474034_664997583673409_536328981_o17522024_664997580340076_721955040_oMy t-shirt is so cute (and ethical), and the jumpsuit (free), ukulele (45 euros) and bandana are secondhand. I love vintage clothes. They’re good for the environment and so cheap! Almost my whole closet consists of secondhand stuff now, and I love it!

17496277_665014127005088_295374000_n17505721_665014283671739_899708550_n17506327_665014317005069_1803166027_nThanks to my best friend aka sister aka lovie Rosalie for the beautiful pictures, you’re my favourite little fairy in the universe and I love you ❤

xx Charlie17496023_665014330338401_123976362_n17554768_665014207005080_988594442_n17554943_665014240338410_66465061_n

2 thoughts on “when your ukulele matches your personality

  1. Lieve lieve Charlotte, ik houd van je van hier to the moon and back en blijf vooral jezelf lieve schat met al je up’s en down’s, je bent ‘gewoon’ een normale puber met onzekerheden die ‘gewoon’ weer weg gaan.
    Dikke kus en veel lieve knuffels.

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  2. Liefste Charlotte, eerst las ik je blog over ‘taking a break’, daarna de ‘ukulele’ en toen schreef ik mijn positieve berichtje aan jou wat ik dus eigenlijk bij je eerste blog had willen schrijven. ILY lieve lieve Charlotte.

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