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i am enough.

DSC_0234“Charliee! Wake up! We’re going to Bio-Planet!” As every Saturday morning, we would be going to two organic supermarkets to buy food. I opened my eyes and gave a look at my clock. 7:37 a.m. (tbh I’m not entirely sure anymore what time it was but I wanted to write down something so this is a guess okay) I looked up at the sky and got overwhelmed by a flush of gratefulness running through my entire body as I realized it was the weekend and I didn’t have school. The sky was grey and there were raindrops laying on the glass. I smiled and curled up a little more under my duvets. I slowly let myself get back into the waken world again. After a few minutes I swung my legs gently out of the bed and stretched. I made a quick messy bun and wanted to take a glance in the mirror to see if I was kinda presentable. When I laid my eyes on myself, my heart skipped a beat. In red lipstick, someone wrote “i am enough “. I looked at it and I stopped breathing for a second. Tears moved into my eyes. I ran into my bathroom/atelier/art room and looked in the mirror that was there. It said the exact same. I went to my sisters’ room and there as well, the mirror displayed the same letters that had moved me so much.

DSC_0247So my mom always wakes up very early to do yoga, make us breakfast smoothies and meditate (yeah I know, vegan mom goals). Yesterday she watched the 42 minute speech of Marisa Peer (I’m going to watch it with her tomorrow) and it touched her core. It said that you are enough. I am, you are, we all are. The next morning, she decided to take my vegan lipstick that I never use anyways (I wrote a blogpost about it a super long time ago, you can read it here if you want but it’s kinda embarrassing and cute haha) and write this phrase on every mirror and some windows in the house. As a surprise and reminder for every one of us.

Seeing it everywhere all the time cheered me up so so much. I was constantly reminded that I am enough. It was literally surrounding me and put me in such a good mood. If you repeat something, you remember it. And as I did it, and my family too, we were all being kind and lighthearted. The sun had entered our hearts. So in the supermarkets we had such a nice connection with the people who work there (they literally find us so cute with all of our veggies and 36 packages of oatmylk haha) and we also brought a cake to the guy who always gives us the old clothes of his daughter and he just is so kind. The faux leather jacket and fluffy brown sweater used to be hers. (The rest of my outfit is secondhand too♡) On our way back in a car my brother made a comment that blew my mind. He said “do you guys realize we’ve literally been saying that we are enough for like an hour and we’re already having such amazing connections with people?” And wow, it’s so true. Those people are always kind but today it was extra-ordinary. We analyzed that whenever we believed in ourselves, we radiated that. People (unconsciously) feel the positive energy you shine, they start to feel better themselves and that allows them to be kind to others and themselves as well. Literally by loving ourselves we can change. the fluffing. world. Loving ourselves is the greatest revolution.

DSC_0236Stop saying you aren’t okay. That you need to loose weight or to have ten thousand followers somewhere online or be someone’s girlfriend in order to be worthy of love and self acceptance. No. It is just so un-true! You are enough. I am enough. Repeat it after me. I. Am. Enough.

DSC_0233No matter if I weight seventy kilos or fifty, I am enough. No matter my grades at school, I am enough. Whether I am single or not, I am enough. If I am being super productive and drinking three green juices or binging on unhealthy stuff and being in my bed on my phone the whole day, I am enough. Whether I am feeling super confident and body positive or absolutely hating myself, I am enough. Everything that has happened to your life has made you into the person you are today. Everything happens for a reason. And no matter what you do, you are okay. You are enough. You are worthy of love. Always. ALWAYS.

DSC_0226Which doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement. You should have a weight at which you feel completely healthy and self confident. And it’s better to eat kale than cookies. You should always try to be the best version of you. But not because you aren’t great enough now but in order to be happy with yourself. The want to be healthy and happy shouldn’t come from a feeling or self-hate, but from a feeling of self-love. And that phrase, my friends, will change your life.

love always, Charlie ♡


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    1. i am so so happy about that. my social media aren’t growing fast either you know hunni. it’s important to remember it doesn’t matter at all🌹💕


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