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friendship is precious ♡ 

Friendship. It’s not something to take for granted, because real friends are very rare and it’s not esy to find them. I know what I’m talking about. I’ve been left and excluded out of groups often enough. It’s only this schoolyear that I’ve found my best friends in the world. I already knew some of them before, but this year I became really close with them. I absolutely adore my friends and I am going to give you some tips to find your squad. People who value who you are.

“Your vibe attracts your tribe.” Be the friend you would like to have. Be kind, helping, supporting to people. The energy you give out to the world is the energy you get back. If you have a happy aura, you are more likely to attract positive people. Work on self love so you can start to love others and they can love you back.
Stand up for yourself. Don’t let anyone run over you. If you feel like you’re being used or if your “friends” are constantly saying mean things to you, leave them. Don’t feel bad for even one second. You deserve the best. You will find your people.
Grow a community of Like-minded people. Talk about your passions. Your eyes will start to sparkle and that is so damn cute. For example if you adore dancing, go to a dancing school and connect with other dancers. If you’re vegan, go to vegan meetups. If you connect to like minded people who share your passions, you always have something to talk about.
Be You. Don’t try to fit in. Maybe that way you will find friends earlier, but it won’t be real. They won’t know the real you. Faking to be someone is insanely tiring. Don’t do it. I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not.
Don’t be shy. Talk to people if they seem nice to you. Remember, you’re never as awkward or creepy or annoying as you think you are. You are worthy, and more appreciated then you think.
Have faith. Be patient. I was 15 and 16 when I got best friends. I didn’t have precious friends like I do now a year ago. I spent years feeling alone and unworthy and not appreciated by people. I just hadn’t found my people. But trust me. They will come to you, exactly at the right moment. Forget the rules. Boys and girls can be best friends and so can an eleven and fifteen years old. You love someone for their personality, not for the way they look or how old they are.Remember you are enough. Whether you have a huge circle of people that appreciate you or three close friends, or one, or zero. You are still worthy. Start with being your own best friend and genuinely love and appreciate yourself. (There’s an article with tips to become your own bff on my old blog, click here to read that). Then you can start attracting people to take dorky pictures with, to cry with at midnight and bake vegan cookies and laugh at your own clumsiness and talk for hours and forget the time. To have spontaneous sleepovers and go for walks and adventures or just sit with on your bed and share stories and play music and make memories.  Eating together, singing together, hugging tight and feeling better after a horrible day because you know someone truly loves you. You know the friendship is real when you don’t have to do something to feel comfortable. The moments I value most are the ones sitting on my bed and just enjoying the fact that we have each other. Laughing, crying, listening to music or making it ourselves. ♥

It is awesome to have people that appreciate you for who you are. It is a miracle and so precious and I want to thank my friends for being my friends with this post. You know who you are ♥ (no shit, I literally posted twenty pictures or something hahaha)

love xo Charlie’s 

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