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a few things i’m grateful for


☁ nature. the sun passionately but gently kissing my cheeks and the rain flowing over my face, flushing away my regrets.. the wind gently yet fiercely blowing through my window while i’m in my bed, cozily reading under my protecting blankets and being in another world. the grass tickling me between my bare toes. birds singing and thunder cracking.

☁photography and film. the fact that i have the ability to capture moments for ever. and share them with the world.


☁having re-discovered pentatonix, especially these three songs. they make me cry and feel deeply and i love their voices and they are just angels. oh and mitch is just bae.

☁ Avi. even though he’s leaving and it’s heartbreaking, i completely understand him and his reasons and i’m proud that he listens to his heart. thankful for his 6 years with PTX.


☁ getting to know myself better and better. realizing i am enough, okay the way i am.

☁my sweet friends. the last blogpost is a full appreciation post for them. i had some spontaneous adventures with my three besties the other day and i’m just so so darn thankful for them.


☁music. soft songs that gently plays with your soul and make you cry or shiver or smile like a little baby. here are a few for you:     – fast, loud rough songs that let you scream internally or jump and dance in your room, even though it’s eleven pm. these are some of those:    

☁oh and the fact that Scömìche kissed. AHH


☁Art. aRt ARt arT. tender paint brush stroking the paper and creating magic with colours and shadows. the ability to change your broken heart into art. doodles while half-listening to boring classes and concentrated paintings with a lot of thought behind it.

☁tears. crying is salt water theraphy. it flushes away all of the “negative” feelings and you often feel so relieved and fresh afterwards. just, the possibility to feel emotions. because emotions should never be oppressed and always deeply, deeply felt.


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