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some things i learned this summer

IMG_5916hi my cool blog-friends.

you may have noticed, it’s been a while since i showed up on my little website. a few months, actually. i used to post way more often on here. why? what was the reason of my absence? was it laziness? lack of time, motivation? probably a mixture of all those. it wasn’t the lack of ideas in any case, i had enough of those. i just focused more on youtube, instagram, friendships, myself. i posted a lot of pictures, a few videos, went on holidays with my family and on a weekend with my best friend, went to two festivals (i vlogged both but only edited the first one yet) and i worked the whole month of august. i worked in the retirement home and also got attached to lots of old people (hA). 
during these months, i learned a lot. probably more than i learn at school. i believe the world and real life are the best teachers. so i’m gonna tell you about some things i learned this summer.

IMG_5853bodies are unique. and beautiful. so in the retirement home, i washed old people every single morning. i saw a lot of naked bodies (i don’t think i’ll ever be shocked by a body again). and you know what? not two bodies looked alike. some had big boobs, some had small boobs, uneven boobs, big tummies, small feet, and so on. bodies have bumps, scars, stretches, freckles, wrinkles, some have more hair, some have less. they are all different. and all beautiful. your body is okay just the way it is.

IMG_5646having a good time comes in a million different shapes and forms. it’s not always painting with music in your earpods. sometimes it’s also eating pizza late at night with your best friend’s family when it’s dark outside. sometimes it is going to a festival, even if you’re not a people-person. sometimes it’s cleaning your room. sometimes it’s hugging a ninety-nine years old lady that just genuinely complimented you and keeping in your tears. sometimes it’s meeting strangers and feeling connections you haven’t felt before. sometimes it’s jumping on the trampoline at 1 am with your bff. sometimes it’s working your ass off in the early morning, because it makes you feel damn satisfied when you can buy shoes from your own money. sometimes it’s watching your brothers’ soccer play even if you dislike football.

IMG_5690out of your comfort zone is good. one day my family wanted to go mini-golfing and i really wasn’t feeling like going, i just wanted to stay in bed and geek around instagram. i went, and it was so great. we laughed our butts off and ran through storms and i felt incredibly alive. GO OUTSIDE. the same story was when they wanted to go swimming and i wanted to stay home. i came along in the end & had lots of fun (and got a sunburn, but okay. it turned out tanned, okay)

DSC_0003it doesn’t always turn out the way you want. the people you want to like you will not always like you, the way you want them to. sometimes stuff sucks. it doesn’t always go as planned. you won’t always be able to finish your to do list. sometimes you will have carefully thought out a scenario in your head and go into a situation positively, and come out wrecked. maybe you have planned your amazing first relationship in your mind since you were six and it was nothing like you imagined. learn to deal with it.

DSC_0672.jpghow to take care of people. literally. i shaved men for the first time last month. i fed people who refused to eat and found out ways to handle the un-handleable. i combed hair and gave showers and had to get over a death. i now know how to wash someone that can’t walk and how to get someone dressed that needs to stay in bed.

Schermafbeelding 2017-09-02 om 13.26.03moms are not something to be ashamed off. we have all done it when we were eleven. we told our moms (or dads, siblings etc) to stand a few meters away in social situations. it’s not “cool” to show up with your parents. we put our hands in our pockets when our mom tries to grab it if there’s classmates around. please. never ever do that. your mom loves you unconditionally and she is important. one day she won’t be here anymore. sleep in her bed, now that you still can. walk next to her with pride.

IMG_5615how to successfully take the train. without adults. we almost stepped on the wrong train. it was a cool adventure. love you laantje ❤

IMG_5869the law of attraction is real. i wrote about this on my instagram a few days ago (under the post of me with the avocados) but there was a day when i was in a really bad mood and was so stingy and mean to everyone around me, when all they wanted was me to be happy. the next day at work, i had to work together with someone who was unkind and harsh with the elderly humans. i almost cried at the sight of it. i realized i didn’t want to be like that. i want to be soft, kind. sweet. loving. so in my small break i phoned my mom and apologized. in my lunch break, she and my sisters came over and we picknicked and ate chocolate and i had an awesome rest of the day. when i was mean, it got bad energy back from the universe. when i was kind, the universe sent me love. immediately. what you put out there returns to us.

DSC_0491.jpgpeople have reasons to do what they do. so the story above has a background story. the next day, that same “mean” coworker told me she had lost her partner and about troubles she was having with her son. it cleared up a lot. i forgot to not judge without knowing the story of the other human. some people may seem stupid or arrogant or whatever but you have no idea of what they might be going through. so what you can do, always, is be kind. open. don’t judge.

IMG_5684i love love love the forest. okay, i already knew that very well. just wanted to mention it because i love it so much.

IMG_5908a lot of new songs on my ukulele. flashlight, hallelujah. a thousand years. worth it. my favourite thing to do in the world is to play the uke at night with only fairy lights and my sisters and i singing songs. it makes me feel whole. (should i post some covers on youtube?)

DSC_0139 (1)magic is everywhere. we just need to look out for it. there are more rainbows to see than you notice at first sight. long hugs. new songs. a gorgeous human bean shyly grinning at you.

i learned a lot more. we learn new things, everyday. life is our school. love, charlie



10 thoughts on “some things i learned this summer

  1. Geweldige blogpost lieve Charlotte, zo intens gevoelig en eerlijk, zo kwetsbaar en zo volwassen, wat een geweldige kleindochter ben jij van ons, wij zijn dan ook super super trots op jou en heel dankbaar dat jij in ons leven bent gekomen, ik heb al zoveel van jou geleerd en hoop nog veel meer van jou te kunnen leren, dankjewel allerliefste Charlotte.

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