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some self care tips to start 2018 off right

(lil disclaimer, when i had the idea to make this post i planned on taking new pictures for it but i can’t find my camera charger lol so these are all old photos)


hi. hellew. happy new year!!!!!!! 2018, january 1st. it’s a monday. a new week, a new year. a perfect opportunity to start things off well. this year, i want my main focus to be self love. i’m getting so much better at it already but i want to improve even more. the first step to start loving yourself, is taking care of yourself. of your magnificent body and glorious soul. of all that is you. so i’m going to help you out a bit and give you some self care ideas.


take a bath. this one’s a basic. soak yourself in a tub of hot water, read a book. listen to soft music. look at magic bath bomb creating incredible rainbow swirls around your legs (lush has vegan ones). r e l a x. (also look at yourself naked in the mirror. this is your body. you are so blessed to have it. accept the parts you like less.)

hug more. when you hug someone (yourself counts too), your body releases this hormone called oxytocin which literally causes you to be happy. hugging is literally the easiest way to instant joy.


take lots of selfies. at the most random places or at times you want to remember. or just when you’re feeling yourself, in your room. take like fourty. or more. and learn to love how you look in them!! while searching pictures for this post on the computer i came across many selfies that i took and disliked back then but looking back, i’m pretty cute. i’m learning to see my beauty.


make art. honestly, however that may apply to you. to me personally, painting is extremely healing and relaxing but for you it could be something completely different. get creative, let your soul speak. be free.

go to the forest. like i mean you feel the oxygen filling your lungs and the whole world is just a million times better in the forest ok AHG


buy yourself flowers. roses, preferably. or tulips if you prefer those. treat yourself like a lover! be your own lover!!!! (feels amazing)


eat more cookies (vegan ones ofc). the triple chocolate cookie pictured above was literally the best thing i have ever tasted so far in my entire life. restricting yourself only brings pain & sadness i promise. treat yourself. cookies are so. good.


read. do i need to say more? my last blogpost was completely dedicated to this haha. just let yourself get lost in some imaginary world by times.


meditate. do some yoga. calm down your mind. filter out the negative thoughts. fill your head with love and serenity. how? sit down. breathe. that’s it. easy enough.


be a child. go to the playground!! dance like no one is watching. sing out loud. draw ugly drawings. be curious. it heals your wounded spirit. try to catch the clouds and alsO go to bed early (: also, watch this video by my biggest inspiration. it makes me so happy.


animals. probably my best self care tip. cuddle a cow. pet a cat. let a big dog lick your face. animals are literally angels okay so surround yourself with them.

oKAY that’s it for today i hope y’all have a marvelous new year cause you deserve it!! take care & stay hydrated. love love love from ya girl charles

One thought on “some self care tips to start 2018 off right

  1. Ik ben pas ongeveer vier minuten geleden op je blog gestrand.. maar na het lezen van deze post ben ik al helemaal fan. Wat een fijne foto’s en echt luf voor de positiviteit! Ik herken veel van mezelf: mediteren, in bad gaan, lezen, de geitenboerderij bezoeken en koekjes eten.. maken je leven zo leuk. (nu moet ik alleen nog leren meer te knuffelen enn selfies zijn nooit mijn ding geweest maar misschien toch eens proberen)


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