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people are so god damn beautiful

all images in this post are from pinterest yay i own none

hi. This post is pretty much unplanned and also very improvised. I’m not very sure yet what i’m about to write. but what i do know is that this afternoon i was scrolling through pinterest and i saw pictures of humans and lately i’ve been noticing just how pretty people are and i guess i just want to make an appreciation post for that. things that are pretty about humans.

  • the way their eyes sparkle when they talk about something they’re really passionate about.
  • soft arms when they hug you really tight.
  • long and dark eyelashes on boys who are so ignorant of their incredible beauty.

  • blushing and giggling. it’s sO cUtE
  • messy buns.
  • dewy skin in the morning golden sunlight
  • people who have tattoos. the fact that they decided to put a piece of art on their bodies for the rest of their life and the story behind the art.

  • fingers, some being long and elegant while others and just very soft and when you hold their hands and they do the stroking with their thumb thing.
  • dimples.
  • freckles.
  • noses are really pretty too, noses that are a bit crooked, noses that look a bit elfy, small noses, noses are just so cute.
  • when humans yawn. the sleepy eyes and the hiding behind your hand.
  • spines. so strong yet so gorgeous and just ugh. the curve they make
  • when they wear hats. or beanies, or grandpa caps or baseball caps.

  • girls that have a unique sense of fashion and that wear grungy platform shoes or boys that wear weird art socks that never match the rest of their outfit. just, when they are different. i love love love that
  • eyes. eyes are just pure magic and brown eyes remind me of forests and cozy october afternoons and hugs and maple syrup. blue eyes look like spring skies and pools when it’s way too warm outside and green eyes are just so otherwordly beautiful and they make me feel like picnics and exploring enchanted fields.

  • bouncy ponytails!!!
  • when boys or girls come out of the water after swimming in a river or the ocean or a pool or when they have been in the pouring rain and when the tiny little droplets run over their foreheads and noses and the sun reflects in the water and they just look like magic water nymphs.

  • jawlines. jeez jawlines are pretty. and chubby soft cheeks as well like i just want to hold your face and kiss your beautifulness okay ah bye.
  • messy eyebrows.
  • sweet smiles that just make you want to HUG the person.
  • piercings are so cool?? like go buddy put that metal in your body you slay it

  • a random stray of glitter on a face. what is it? eyeshadow? highlighter? have they been crafting? you will never know but the human is just so pretty and they just look like a fairy
  • confidence. when they rock that lipstick no one else would dare to wear or walk into the room as if they own it, because they do. rock it babe.
  • two humans laughing. genuine laughter is sO freaking stunning i just can’t handle the beauty of someone bursting out into chuckling. isn’t it amazing that we laugh because our bodies simply cannot contain the joy. especially if two friends laugh together when they aren’t supposed to, like in class or something, and they try to hide it but they just physically can’t it’s just so wonderful. like it restores my faith in humanity

  • when girls tie up their hair. bonus points if she takes a few hairs out of the bun/pony tail to frame her face.
  • when they look at you over their shoulder holy guacamole
  • girls and boys who wear huge oversized sweaters and their fingertips barely come out of the sleeves it’s just so QT also high waisted jeans are so preTty plus they enhance the butt which is nice
  • people who dance!?!! how are you so gracious? it’s just so appealing to see a girl float over a stage and it feels like they are enchanting the whole audience like dude pure magic once again

  • when two people love each other it’s just so amazing to see. it makes me so so happy when i see two beautiful persons hold each other’s hands or like shyly glance at each other like the electricity is so there i just can’t
  • when they wear lacey stuff. so fragile and pretty and soft and ah
  • oh and also humans with glasses are so cute pls teach me your ways

  • sleeping people (i hope this doesn’t sound creepy). the person is just so beautiful and so calm and so unaware of their beauty
  • hair that’s dyed in unnatural colours!! it will make old people think you need jesus and it will make toddlers think you’re some kind of magic princess superhero (which you are) and it will most definitely make me fall in love with you (or at least admire you particularly much)

  • features that are not european are very very beautiful and poc are incredibly beautiful. many people are brainwashed into thinking that western features are the epitome of beauty but i promise you monolids are gorgeous and caramel coloured skin is fantastic and afro hair is so fancy i love diversity so much yall are gorgeous af

  • all kinds of laughs. loud snorting laughs, little giggles and the kind of laughing where your belly hurts and you can’t possibly stop and no noise leaves your mouth anymore and you’re just gasping for air
  • long wavy brown hair
  • the way a body is built. the beautiful rounding of hips and the lovely soft marshmellow belly all girls have and the shoulders of any boy or girl and belly buttons are also a very cute thing
  • when sunlight hits their face and they simply look like literal angels
  • when they close their eyes to enjoy a song more. that is just so beautiful.
  • a person reading a book and being so caught up in it and they just forget the whole rest of the world

i just find people so so pretty like i could keep on writing about beautiful things humans do or how gorgeous they are. i could literally spend the whole day sitting down and admire all the people walking by. maybe i can do that one day.

okay so a tip for self love that i’m really trying to practice is to look for beautiful things in all the people around you. like go teacher, rock that t-shirt. or yas stranger you slay that haircut and go you little girl i love your face. you will notice that everyone is beautiful, literally. and then you start to realize you are part of everyone too.

ah writing this just put me in such a lovely mood and i love people so much and i send you all a gazillion hugs and i hope i inspired you to look around for beauty and magic because it really is everywhere. xxx charlie

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