spiri wiri

positive energY (plus some pretty images for you to look at)

all pics in this post are from my pinterest and all credit goes to the owners/photographers :))

“if you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention”
back in march when the women’s marches were all over instagram, i saw this quote somewhere on a sign and i thought, heck yeah, so true! you gotta open your eyes to climate change and sexism and homophobia and animal cruelty and racism (and so on) and when you do, you’re gonna be pissed cause it’s all so fucked up and then you’re going to help to be the change this world so desperately craves.

but, i was kinda wrong. see, what sucks about all the issues i mentioned above is that they are so horrendously negative. it is negative to pollute the planet and it is negative to abuse animals and it’s negative to discriminate female, black and gay people. unlike in math class, two negatives don’t make a positive. i believe you can’t change those negative aspects of society by being negative.

hate can never conquer hate. only love can.
because everything is energy!!!! literally everything around us is made out of wavelengths. and when those wavelenghts collide, they interact and influence and change each other. that’s how auras work and why you just click with some people. your energies work well together. and that is also how crystals work. for example amethysts help with tranquility and peace while rose quarts help with love and creativity. each of these minerals has a specific energyfield around them and when you bring that energyfield within your own you get some of their vibes and your energy literally changes. (but i’m getting off topic.)

i guess what i’m trying to say is that everything possesses and is made out of energy. and there is already so much negative vibes in this world that we really don’t need any more of that. love is the most powerful kind of energy and i believe it will always win. so spread that shit everywhere you go!

if you’re trying to convince people to be kinder to animals or women or to not throw their trash on the ground, try switching from angry vegan/feminist to kind and gentle influencer. it works so much better usually. just a little train of thoughts i’ve been having.
we got this. kindness is key. be gentle. shower the world with your love.


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