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a day filled with miracles


today was freaking beautiful. in the past i used to write about these kinda days on my old instagram but as i am not active on there anymore i decided to just type it all down today in detail because so many wonders happened and i just want to remember them and be able to read it back later and re-feel the gratitude that was overflowing everywhere for me today.

october 5th, 2018. day of the teacher. exactly a year ago my brother came home with the idea that i could maybe study for kindergarten teacher. a magical date. one year ago exactly, i found my purpose. so honestly i wasn’t even surprised by what a wonderful day this has been.

in the morning, i biked to the train station like i’ve been doing every day. i passed by two teachers who were walking to my old school and when i crossed them i yelled “happy teacher day!!!!” and one of them just giggled so adorably. i did not see their full reaction because i had to get my train but just knowing i put a smile on someone’s face made my day (already. it was 8 in the morning. i didn’t even know what was yet to come).

usually when i bike to the train station i also cross paths with this adorable dad and his two kids who bike to school. the dad always seems in such a great mood and i don’t even know these people but the dad and i always greet each other and he always smiles so brightly. today i didn’t see them where i usually do and i thought, ahw, sad, they’re not here today, and literally three minutes later i saw them leaving their house and the dad and i laughed and he told me good morning and it made me smile.

at school, first two hours, i had dance class for the first time and it was fucking LiT. i LOVE moving my body to music and the teacher is also very very cool and i love my new school friends already so much and spending our time together is so much fun. and i was just totally giving my whole self to the lesson, with no shame and tbh i was just having a good good time. and a bit later two of my new friends came up to me and they told me it was inspirational to look at me give it my all and being so much in my element and just having no shame and that it made them happy just to look at me and that it inspired them to give up any shame and just dance freely themselves too. and that made me so so fucking happy. it’s all i want. to inspire people and to be happy and to shine light from the inside out and make other people happy by being happy. like fuck, this might be one of my favourite things i’ve ever been told. the law of attraction is real. this is what i’ve been manifesting and working for.

later in another class we got told that in a bit more than a week we are going to explore a park with kindergarten kids!! and i’m so excited for that man :)))) also i wore eyeliner for the first time to the new school and felt confident & i got like four compliments :3 later, i walked to the train station with one of my new friends and she told me that she appreciates me so much and that she loves how great of friends we are already. it made me so happy because i really really love her 🙂

flashback to yesterday night for a little context for the next miracle. so i dreamt that i met a boy and that we magically fell in love over children library books in an instant. everything went so well and then i suddenly realised, fuck, this is a dream. oh no, why must all the beautiful things be dreams and not real? and then i told the boy (or there was a voice telling us both, i’m not sure), “don’t worry, even if this is a dream, we will meet again in real life”. and then i woke up. kinda freaky but i was so calm. i’m kinda torn between this being “me meeting my soulmate on the astral plane” or “me being a desperate and lonely teenager”. both honestly sound pretty realistic to me.
anyway, this was just the little back story to what happened today. two days after the dream, i went to the train station to take the train back home. usually i take it with two friends but today i went alone. i sat down for a while cause i was kinda early and sipped on my almond chai latte (<3). my intuition told me to walk to the right, so i did. and i waited a bit further on the train platform. and there, i saw a boy. he didn’t look like the boy in my dream. the dream boy had sandy blonde hair and blue-grey eyes, while this one had caramel coloured skin and cute lil dark curls. but, he had the same pastel yellow energy. maybe lavender. i’m not sure. but he gave me the same tingly feeling. he was absolutely dreamy. and being the hopeless romantic person that i am and also finding many many people almost annoyingly attractive, i probably pretty much kinda stared at him. and then he looked back. so i looked away. and i looked back and he looked away. and we did that for a while. and my train was gonna arrive at 16:18 and it was 16:17 by now. i looked again and this time he looked so quickly that i had no time to look away. and he smiled at me. gosh, i swear, what a heavenly smile. and i smiled back. and our eyes kinda lit up. he was so cute. i turned my starbucks around a bit so maybe he could read my name and facebook me later. i hope it wasn’t too far away from him to read. and then my train arrived. i was hoping he would take the same one but he stayed on the platform. while i stepped into the wagon i looked over my shoulder and grinned and he smiled back. i took a seat and we couldn’t see each other from where i was sitting. the train stood there for a few minutes before it left, and when we started moving, i could see the boy again and i saw him looking for me and then we made eye contact and his face melted a little and we smiled again at each other and everything was good in that moment. i couldn’t stop grinning the rest of the ride home. i don’t even know why it was so special but it absolutely was. it was his energy, maybe. i feel like i met an angel. i don’t know if love at first sight exists but i guess if it does this is it. so please, angel-boy, if you somehow magically read this, contact me!!!!! i also kinda hope he’s at my school. if i see him again i’m going up to him 🙂

so that was my favourite miracle of the day so the next one won’t compare but it was still pretty amazing. my mom, sisters and i went thrifting after i came back from school. a few years ago, britt from the bachelor had these super cool wedge sneakers that i found absolutely incredible. i looked them up but they were made out of leather and also costed like 800 euros and only shipped from america so i was like nah thanks and i kinda forgot about them. but today we went thrifting and i found those shoes!! exactly my size!! and i feel lit in them. they were seven freaking euros. and i found another pair of super cute high heel boots for five euros. we also told an incredibly nice lady from the thrift store about me studying preschool teacher and she told us she LoVEs crafting and sewing and she gave me her number and address and whenever i need any material or help i can give her a call. it was so nice of her!!!!!

another miracle i get to witness every single day is my beautiful baby minou. she is my world. i love her.

miracles are everywhere. open your eyes. be grateful for small things. acknowledge the sheer magic of this world. fucking incredible, i tell you.


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