parisienne or scottish?


i’ve been more into fashion again lately, reading about it and just admiring cool clothes on pinterest and on real people.
we spent a few days at my grandparents’ last week and i love to dig into my grandma’s old closet. so many vintage treasures! so one day i found this sandy coat and i fell in love. i also found these matching beret and scarf which make me feel verrie berrie paris but also have a clear scottish vibe. gotta love the mixture of aesthetics. and this rainbow sweater was also a wonderful find. a cool fun fact is that i saw a picture in my grandparents’ house where my grandma was holding me as a baby, while she was wearing the sweater. and i distinctly thought, hey that’s a cool sweater, i wonder if she still has it. and she did. the jeans in the pictures are secondhand and the docs are ethical and vegan, from this brand.:)
we went to the beach and it was windy and we took pictures. i want to do more outfit posts again, just for the sake of it, because i love clothes and i love photography, and just as an inspiration. so, enjoy the lookbook!

i wish you a 2019 filled with love and cool thriftstorefinds, xxxx charlieDSC_0432






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