Hi! Nice to meet you! I am Charlotte. I am 16 years old (young) and vegan since april 2014 (and proud of it!). You can call me Charlie.

Vegz, Vegan, Veggie, Herbivore, Plant-Eater. That means that I don’t eat or drink any meat, dairy, fish, eggs, honey or other animal products. I also don’t wear leather or fur or wool. I don’t go to the zoo or the aquarium. I do not use animals. They are my friends, not my food or entertainment. ❤

I do eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, legumes (beans, lentils), grains (such as rice or quinoa), nuts, and a lot of delicious treats! We eat a lot more sweets than before we went vegan 😛

My mom, 2 older brothers and 3 younger sisters are also vegan. My dad and grandparents are flexi (they try their best :P).

I am half Dutch, half German and I live in Belgium. In fact, I am just a World Citizen, just like you. It doesn’t matter where you live in the world or which color or race you are. We’re one big family ❤

For me, one of the most important things in life is to be yourself and to love yourself. Be you own Best Friend!

Also, be grateful, spread some love, be kind to everybody.

I love singing, being creative, taking photos, clothes (only fair-trade!), musical (singing-dancing-acting), laughing and being weird when nobody’s watching, feeling happy and grateful, the people I love (duh), restyling my bedroom, school (haha not), eating (A LOT, it is my second favorite hobby), meeting new vegans (my favorite thing to do ever), taking beautiful pictures of my food, dreaming, wearing beautiful and sometimes weird clothes, blogging, reading (a lot), writing (I’m writing a book!), doing sports (especially running, gymnastics, working out, dancing, jumping on the trampoline), pick-nicking, cooking, baking, and above all I have an immense and endless love for animals and nature.

My favorite thing about blogging is that I can write about whatever I want.

If I want to post a recipe, I post a recipe.

If I wanna show my outfit, I’m gonna show you my outfit.

If I have a lot of inspiration I’m going to write about lifestyle.


Have fun!

xxx Charlie xxx