parisienne or scottish?


i’ve been more into fashion again lately, reading about it and just admiring cool clothes on pinterest and on real people.
we spent a few days at my grandparents’ last week and i love to dig into my grandma’s old closet. so many vintage treasures! so one day i found this sandy coat and i fell in love. i also found these matching beret and scarf which make me feel verrie berrie paris but also have a clear scottish vibe. gotta love the mixture of aesthetics. and this rainbow sweater was also a wonderful find. a cool fun fact is that i saw a picture in my grandparents’ house where my grandma was holding me as a baby, while she was wearing the sweater. and i distinctly thought, hey that’s a cool sweater, i wonder if she still has it. and she did. the jeans in the pictures are secondhand and the docs are ethical and vegan, from this brand.:)
we went to the beach and it was windy and we took pictures. i want to do more outfit posts again, just for the sake of it, because i love clothes and i love photography, and just as an inspiration. so, enjoy the lookbook!

i wish you a 2019 filled with love and cool thriftstorefinds, xxxx charlie Continue reading “parisienne or scottish?”

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a day filled with miracles


today was freaking beautiful. in the past i used to write about these kinda days on my old instagram but as i am not active on there anymore i decided to just type it all down today in detail because so many wonders happened and i just want to remember them and be able to read it back later and re-feel the gratitude that was overflowing everywhere for me today. Continue reading “a day filled with miracles”

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positive energY (plus some pretty images for you to look at)

all pics in this post are from my pinterest and all credit goes to the owners/photographers :))

“if you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention”
back in march when the women’s marches were all over instagram, i saw this quote somewhere on a sign and i thought, heck yeah, so true! Continue reading “positive energY (plus some pretty images for you to look at)”


a new era type of thing

DSC_2031hello beautiful beautiful people. i have decided to delete my instagram account, called @charlieintheuniverse, with 442 posts and 1538 followers.  Continue reading “a new era type of thing”

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people are so god damn beautiful

all images in this post are from pinterest yay i own none

hi. This post is pretty much unplanned and also very improvised. I’m not very sure yet what i’m about to write. but what i do know is that this afternoon i was scrolling through pinterest and i saw pictures of humans and lately i’ve been noticing just how pretty people are and i guess i just want to make an appreciation post for that.  Continue reading “people are so god damn beautiful”

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how to be confident :) 12 practical tips


hi lovies, it’s been a while again!

a few days ago, a girl came up to me. i had always looked up to her, at how easily she talked to everyone and her amazing laugh and she is just super sweet. she came up to me and asked if i used to be insecure. how i got better at being self confident. it was weird because to me, she really didn’t seem like someone with insecurities. of course, everyone has them, but i tend to forget that. i tend to think that everyone feels so great about themselves and that everyone is in relationships but me and i tend to forget that that is not the case. it’s important to remember that everyone is going through battles that you have no clue about so you should always be as kind as possible, to everyone. even to unkind people, they probably need it most. anyways, i thought i’d write again because writing > all else and because i want to help that girl and everyone else who might need help feeling stronger about themselves and also as a gentle reminder for myself, because yes, most of the time i’m confident lately, but far from always.

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some self care tips to start 2018 off right

(lil disclaimer, when i had the idea to make this post i planned on taking new pictures for it but i can’t find my camera charger lol so these are all old photos)


hi. hellew. happy new year!!!!!!! 2018, january 1st. it’s a monday. a new week, a new year. a perfect opportunity to start things off well. this year, i want my main focus to be self love. i’m getting so much better at it already but i want to improve even more. the first step to start loving yourself, is taking care of yourself. of your magnificent body and glorious soul. of all that is you. so i’m going to help you out a bit and give you some self care ideas.
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