parisienne or scottish?


i’ve been more into fashion again lately, reading about it and just admiring cool clothes on pinterest and on real people.
we spent a few days at my grandparents’ last week and i love to dig into my grandma’s old closet. so many vintage treasures! so one day i found this sandy coat and i fell in love. i also found these matching beret and scarf which make me feel verrie berrie paris but also have a clear scottish vibe. gotta love the mixture of aesthetics. and this rainbow sweater was also a wonderful find. a cool fun fact is that i saw a picture in my grandparents’ house where my grandma was holding me as a baby, while she was wearing the sweater. and i distinctly thought, hey that’s a cool sweater, i wonder if she still has it. and she did. the jeans in the pictures are secondhand and the docs are ethical and vegan, from this brand.:)
we went to the beach and it was windy and we took pictures. i want to do more outfit posts again, just for the sake of it, because i love clothes and i love photography, and just as an inspiration. so, enjoy the lookbook!

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a day filled with miracles


today was freaking beautiful. in the past i used to write about these kinda days on my old instagram but as i am not active on there anymore i decided to just type it all down today in detail because so many wonders happened and i just want to remember them and be able to read it back later and re-feel the gratitude that was overflowing everywhere for me today. Continue reading “a day filled with miracles”

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the universe in a necklace // taking a break

17690369_669041103269057_157363485_nIsn’t it ironic, how you take a break when you feel like you’re breaking? When you lay in your bed for days and are mean to everyone when the only thing you want to do is cry and curl up in your mom’s lap? When you are sad without real reason? I think that that kind of sadness is the worst one, when you don’t really know why you’re not feeling well.

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when your ukulele matches your personality

17548852_664997620340072_1783812478_o17500512_664997597006741_1547042058_oI bought a secondhand ukulele!!! Continue reading “when your ukulele matches your personality”

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secondhand is the new black – outfit #1

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Yay! My first outfitpost on!

Spring is coming and I couldn’t be more excited. I love to wake up under a pastel blue sky and hear the birds sing. I love to go outside more often again and to just play, jump, feel, live.

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