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a day filled with miracles


today was freaking beautiful. in the past i used to write about these kinda days on my old instagram but as i am not active on there anymore i decided to just type it all down today in detail because so many wonders happened and i just want to remember them and be able to read it back later and re-feel the gratitude that was overflowing everywhere for me today. Continue reading “a day filled with miracles”

spiri wiri

positive energY (plus some pretty images for you to look at)

all pics in this post are from my pinterest and all credit goes to the owners/photographers :))

“if you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention”
back in march when the women’s marches were all over instagram, i saw this quote somewhere on a sign and i thought, heck yeah, so true! Continue reading “positive energY (plus some pretty images for you to look at)”