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some things i learned this summer

IMG_5916hi my cool blog-friends.

you may have noticed, it’s been a while since i showed up on my little website. a few months, actually. i used to post way more often on here. why? what was the reason of my absence? was it laziness? lack of time, motivation? probably a mixture of all those. it wasn’t the lack of ideas in any case, i had enough of those. i just focused more on youtube, instagram, friendships, myself. i posted a lot of pictures, a few videos, went on holidays with my family and on a weekend with my best friend, went to two festivals (i vlogged both but only edited the first one yet) and i worked the whole month of august. i worked in the retirement home and also got attached to lots of old people (hA). 
during these months, i learned a lot. probably more than i learn at school. i believe the world and real life are the best teachers. so i’m gonna tell you about some things i learned this summer. Continue reading “some things i learned this summer”

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a few things i’m grateful for


☁ nature. the sun passionately but gently kissing my cheeks and the rain flowing over my face, flushing away my regrets.. the wind gently yet fiercely blowing through my window while i’m in my bed, cozily reading under my protecting blankets and being in another world. the grass tickling me between my bare toes. birds singing and thunder cracking.

☁photography and film. the fact that i have the ability to capture moments for ever. and share them with the world. Continue reading “a few things i’m grateful for”

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friendship is precious ♡ 

Friendship. It’s not something to take for granted, because real friends are very rare and it’s not esy to find them. I know what I’m talking about. I’ve been left and excluded out of groups often enough. It’s only this schoolyear that I’ve found my best friends in the world. I already knew some of them before, but this year I became really close with them. I absolutely adore my friends and I am going to give you some tips to find your squad. People who value who you are. Continue reading “friendship is precious ♡ “

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i am enough.

DSC_0234“Charliee! Wake up! We’re going to Bio-Planet!” As every Saturday morning, we would be going to two organic supermarkets to buy food. I opened my eyes and gave a look at my clock. 7:37 a.m. (tbh I’m not entirely sure anymore what time it was but I wanted to write down something so this is a guess okay) I looked up at the sky and got overwhelmed by a flush of gratefulness running through my entire body as I realized it was the weekend and I didn’t have school. The sky was grey and there were raindrops laying on the glass. I smiled and curled up a little more under my duvets. I slowly let myself get back into the waken world again. After a few minutes I swung my legs gently out of the bed and stretched. I made a quick messy bun and wanted to take a glance in the mirror to see if I was kinda presentable. When I laid my eyes on myself, my heart skipped a beat. In red lipstick, someone wrote “i am enough “. I looked at it and I stopped breathing for a second. Tears moved into my eyes. I ran into my bathroom/atelier/art room and looked in the mirror that was there. It said the exact same. I went to my sisters’ room and there as well, the mirror displayed the same letters that had moved me so much. Continue reading “i am enough.”

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i think i found the key to happiness


“No!” I screamed, as I hid under my duvet. “Leave me alone! Please just go away!” My mom and two siblings didn’t. “This is MY room!! Go away,” I cried, but they still were there, trying to convince me to come out of my bed, that I wasn’t ugly and useless. As they weren’t leaving, I ran downstairs myself, crying, heart pounding, wanting to disappear, and I curled up in mom’s bed instead. (this happened on Tuesday)

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vegan cinnamon rolls – recipe

17901845_672945626211938_1127189033_o (1).jpgA few days back, when our dear (vegan) friend Hannelore came to our house, we wanted to try a new recipe. In MBTI memes, INFP’s are often compared to cinnamon buns so I always wanted to make them one day. This was the perfect opportunity. If you have seen my instagram story from that day, you know we first really messed it up but that they turned out to be super delicious and yummy. Let’s go! Continue reading “vegan cinnamon rolls – recipe”

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the universe in a necklace // taking a break

17690369_669041103269057_157363485_nIsn’t it ironic, how you take a break when you feel like you’re breaking? When you lay in your bed for days and are mean to everyone when the only thing you want to do is cry and curl up in your mom’s lap? When you are sad without real reason? I think that that kind of sadness is the worst one, when you don’t really know why you’re not feeling well.

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