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when your ukulele matches your personality

17548852_664997620340072_1783812478_o17500512_664997597006741_1547042058_oI bought a secondhand ukulele!!! Continue reading “when your ukulele matches your personality”

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some march things

17407564_662828577223643_136615612_o17380054_662828547223646_1927943679_o17379964_662829007223600_1067016624_oSpring is slowly starting to look around the corner. And I love it. Feeling the sun gently stroking your face and the daisies proudly popping out of the fresh green grass everywhere. Lilac purple flowers and longer days. New life everywhere. Baby animals. Spring is definitely my favourite season. (It’s currently raining, I still live in Belgium, but that’s something else that I love about spring, the rainy days in which you can just cuddle up and read books and eat fuzzy oatmeal.) Continue reading “some march things”

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zero waste toothbrush + Hannie ♡ !!

Yesterday was SUCH a wonderful day to remember.  Continue reading “zero waste toothbrush + Hannie ♡ !!”

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secondhand is the new black – outfit #1

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Yay! My first outfitpost on!

Spring is coming and I couldn’t be more excited. I love to wake up under a pastel blue sky and hear the birds sing. I love to go outside more often again and to just play, jump, feel, live.

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how to be happy & free – 10 tips


Isn’t that what we all want? Happiness and freedom?

There are so many people who aren’t satisfied with their current life situation but they just don’t seem to do anything about it! Maybe they just don’t know what to do…

Everyone wants genuine happiness. Don’t get me wrong, we all have those days where we just lay in bed and cry and that’s so okay. But the goal is to be happy.

You should experience happiness as often as possible and feel free like a bird wherever you are, and I’m gonna give you my best tips to realize that.

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welcome! and vegan sweet potato blondies – recipe

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hello lovely people of the internet and welcome on!

My name is Charlotte aka Charlie (duh) and this is my second blog. My first blog was Happy and Veg, and my last post there is an explanation of why I switched to come here.
At first I didn’t really know what to do as a first post, should I present myself (but I have my “about” page), should I explain why I started a fresh new blog (did that on Happy and Veg), etc. So I decided to immediately post something useful, so here is a recipe my mom invented for her birthday!

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