let’s connect!

if you want to send me an email, you can go to my contact page, but we can also connect through the following social media.

From time to time I make videos too! I film covers, vlogs, what-i-eat-in-a-day’s, recipes and way more! You can find all of that stuff on my youtube channel.

I have Instagram where I post daily (kinda) and I post pictures of my food, myself (:P), my adventures and I try to write long and inspirational captions 🙂

My favorite app for inspiration is Pinterest. I am very active on there, so follow for some inspo!

I also have snapchat, you can click on the following link and then scan the code with your phone (if you’re on your phone, just screenshot). Click here if you want to see my silly face on snapchat!

i also have a facebook page for this blog. following that might be an easy way to see every time i post something new on here (i always put the links to new posts and videos on that page)

And finally you can follow me on Bloglovin‘, which is a very handy website/app to keep up with all your fave blogs 🙂

ps: before, I had another blog, Happy and Veg. I switched to Charlie in the Universe for a few reasons, but to find back some old recipes you can go there and that is also the reason why some of my social media are still called Happy and Veg!

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